7 Ways To Get Honest Feedback For Your Product

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. – Bill Gates

Running a good business is all about giving a great experience to your customers. By listening to your customer’s feedback, you can build stronger relationships, increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn, and build ‘sticky’ customers.

Customer surveys

Customer Surveys are the most common tool for getting feedback. They’re easy to make, easy to send out, easy to analyze, and scale very well. Plan a proper online and offline mix of surveys. Ask the right questions which can lead to actions to improve the user experience. By asking the right questions you can do two things; you can learn more about what regular customers want and offer new customers a chance to use the product. Include feedback boxes/polls/emailers/messages and other ways of receiving feedback.

Talk to potential customers

Business is ultimately about providing a product or service that solves somebody’s problem. Ask your customers about their experience and try to narrow down the exact features and benefits they are looking for to solve their problem.  It is not necessary that your every customer thinks exactly like you. Hence, getting a complete different viewpoint for your product is important. Build different varied customer personas try to get feedback from each one of them.

Look for feedback on Social Media

Look closely at the content that goes on social media and analyse the customer feedback based on their activity on social media. This will help you decide your best value proposition and, inevitably, market demand.

Check your feedback on other platforms.

If you sell on e-marketplaces like ebay, amazon, watch for customer reviews on their platform. Look for product/brand mentions on communities like quora and twitter, they will give you honest feedback for your product. In different community forums, you can simply read the chat threads and learn how customers use your products or services, and whether they’re pleased with the experience.

Give every participant something.

Do a giveaway for every customer who offers you some feedback in a given period. This can be a great way to find out what’s on  the customers’ minds that could help you improve your product. These may take a time or money investment, but they are terrific for engaging customers and building their sticky loyalty to your brand.

Consult an accelerator, investor or mentor

Accelerators and mentors already have a bunch of startups working with them which help them give an outer wholesome perspective which will help the business grow further. When you are starting out your business, pitching competitions provide an incredible way to make progress. The constraints of the competition will force you to clarify your business, and once you put your best foot forward, you’ll get direct feedback on your idea’s viability from experts.

Ask, observe, engage

Solicit the client insight and feedback through a three-step process: ask, observe and engage. Ask your clients for feedback directly. Observe them in the context of their typical environment. Engage them with your product to see how they use it, what works and what doesn’t.

Your customers are a wealth of information, they can help you develop a better product, help you provide a better service, and help you offer more value. Hence running a business is like a vicious circle

Run Business – Analyse – Learn – Iterate – Run Business

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