3 Unconventional Approaches To Building A Winning Team And Network

3 Unconventional Approaches To Building A Winning Team And Network

By Subinder Khurana, Startup Evangelist and Mentor, Espark-Viridian Accelerator

1. Treat team building as a marketing challenge

Treat team building as a marketing challenge How do you recruit great team members? Define and communicate your brand. When recruiting, I would always ask myself, “Other than money, why should this candidate come to work for me?” The answer is your brand proposition. Is your brand differentiated? How are you demonstrating credibility? How is your brand relevant to the candidate? A good answer can be the difference between an indifferent employee and a committed team member.

When someone joins you for money, they will leave you just as easily for money. When you see a recruitment as a transaction – hiring skills & hours for money & perks – so will the employee. To win their heart & commitment, you have to up the game. Have a story to tell. Demonstrate a sense of purpose. All great professionals want to create impact, a legacy, and transform an industry.

2. Think next year, not next month

Most managers are looking to hire for an immediate task. In a start-up, you cannot afford to hire someone for a specific job, let alone a task. Things change so rapidly that the job will have changed very soon. Instead, you need to hire a team member who will rapidly grow while helping the company grow.

Think next year, not next monthInstead of next month’s job, think – “Will this person be valuable after 1 year?” The evaluation formula that worked very well for me is what I call the 60-30-10 formula – 60% weight for attitude, 30% for aptitude, 10% for skill. Unfortunately, most managers hire primarily for skills. Your skills requirements will change sooner than you think. Skills can be taught, but you cannot fix attitude and aptitude. A bad attitude will cut well beyond the individual and damage the company culture.

Manage employees for long-term mutual value. This requires Trust, Value and Care. When you take care of your employees (while ensuring performance and attitude, of course), your colleagues will become your champions & ambassadors, even after they have moved on. With satisfied employees and alumni, you will never have a problem attracting top talent.

3. Be known by the company you keep

Be known by the company you keepEveryone wants to build a great culture. But what the heck is culture anyway, and how do you build it? Is it the vision & mission statements you carefully crafted and posted on your walls?
Simply put, company culture is the people you retain and the values you live by.
Your first 20 employees define the culture. Make it a select club, not easy to get into. Weed out misfits, fast. Attach an aspiration value to being part of the team. Make sure that the first 20 not only imbibe your values, but demonstrate them loudly and visibly.
Mean it, not just say it. Promote for values, fire for violations. Be willing to take a short-term loss to promote your values. Be willing even to let go an employee with valuable skills, if they contradict your values.
Demonstrate zero tolerance for bad attitude and pretty soon you will have an enviable company culture.

A network is your extended team

A network is your extended teamThe same rules apply when building your professional network. Demonstrate a positive Attitude, have a sense of Purpose, and keep Company of great people, and you will become a magnet for others.
Poor networkers approach each contact as a transaction, looking for immediate gratification without establishing value. Strong networkers think long term.
If you think of networking as a transaction, you attract only mercenaries. Think long-term, you get partners vested in your success.

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