Digital Marketing Growth Hacks By Hiren Joshi

Hiren Joshi, Digital Evangelist and Co-Founder Bee Online Communication interacted with the entrepreneurs at our Espark Viridian Venture Accelerator in Mumbai and responded to their pain points in Digital marketing areas. He also conducted a 2 hour session on Digital Marketing Growth Hacks wherein entrepreneurs from our other centers joined through webinar.

Hiren started with the importance of Digital marketing in present times and highlighted its low cost and maximum reach in comparison with the Traditional Marketing and further spoke about the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and¬ SEM(Search Engine Marketing) to the audience,

He shared case studies of few reputable companies, how they leveraged on SEO in increasing the engagement level and generated more leads and decreased the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

Hiren elaborated on SEM wherein he discussed Google Adwords and different ads like Search, Display and Video Ads to achieve desired goals. He shared a case study on Video Ads and Mobile App installs.

The session ended with a Q & A and the audience expressed their gratitude to the speaker for giving them valuable takeaways to grow their business.

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