An Interactive Session on HR by Indra Sood

An Interactive Session by Indra Sood, HR & Leadership Consultant, Founder Sopaan

This session was attended by Entrepreneurs from the Noida centre as well as entrepreneurs from Mumbai and Ahmedabad centers through web conference. Indra kickstarted the session by asking the entrepreneurs about their startups, leading the audience to her presentation on the role of HR in startups, from their initial challenges to becoming an established enterprise.

Indra brainstormed around one of the major challenges with early stage startups, ‘what to look for in a co-founder’ in order to build their core team.

Her take was that while looking for a co-founder, one has to do some self introspection and dive deep. The self reflection has to be brutal to dig down what is required to fulfill the multiple requirements of the business and accordingly look for someone with complementary skills. She added that a person should look for a co-founder who is honest and trustworthy even when the things are failing apart.

She further highlighted some issues in a startup like:

  • Some founders see HR as a mere administrative function
  • Lack of role clarity and duplication of work
  • Absence of processes
  • How to design human resources to have a great impact
  • Maintaining the spirit of entrepreneurial culture
  • Building a tribe
  • Defining and aligning values

She stated that the present business context for Startups is the constantly changing environment where four generations are working together viz. Silent(Born 1928-45), Boomer(Born1946-64), GenX(Born 1965-80) and Millennials(Born 1981-96). Indra also explained the workplace perceptions that millennials need to rise above as an entrepreneur.

She further elaborated on the role of human resources beyond just administrative functions and employee advocacy to strategic partnerships and change agents, and spoke about:

  • Talent acquisition & management to build a talent pipeline
  • Building culture & an enabling work environment
  • Providing opportunities for multiple roles
  • Learning and development,
  • Performance appraisals defining KRA’s
  • Need of compliance for an ethical foundation of the startup
  • Smooth functioning of the business

While answering some of the questions, she took us through her journey to build Sopaan.

The entrepreneurs at Espark Viridian were fully engaged in the experience and knowledge filled session and it made them better equipped to travel their journey further

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