Espark-Viridian, a joint initiative of Entrepreneurial Spark, UK, and Viridian Ventures, India, aims to be a game changer in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India. Through a national network of acceleration centres and a program-based approach to building entrepreneurs, Espark-Viridian provides a comprehensive package that includes infrastructure, potential to raise seed capital, sector-expertise and mentoring. If you think you have a brilliant business/idea and have it in you to be an entrepreneur, reach out to us.
Our vision is to ignite the Indian startup ecosystem by bridging the large gap between the need for new businesses to succeed and the actual success rates of entrepreneurs in India’s nascent entrepreneurship ecosystem.
We aim to do so by providing the right enablement, intensive engagement, mentoring, potential to raise seed capital, infrastructure and opportunities to network, the success rate would increase significantly.
We establish sector-agnostic acceleration centres, in key start-up nerve centres across India. We then run our unique enablement program to develop entrepreneurs who have a #GoDo attitude and a clear sight on value creation, helping them shape their idea into an investable commercial enterprise.

Once you are accepted into our program, you will sign a program agreement with us. You and your co-founders will be assigned an Enabler at Espark-Viridian acceleration centre to help you grow your business. The initial 45 days is the cliff period, after which if you are found to be suitable and capable of accelerating, you and your team will get the further opportunity to gain support for an additional 14 months.

Our intensive engagement program helps you meet enablers, mentors, Experts, trainers, service providers, peer group of innovators and potential investors – giving you a holistic environment to spur growth and improve client engagement.

No, we are sector agnostic. We actively encourage applications from multiple industry sectors to get a more complete portfolio, including core sector innovation, women entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.
We have an online application process. Please click on the Apply Now link and fill in the basic details. Our team will get in touch with you.
You can apply at any time for all our centres; Places will be offered on availability of slots at your preferred centre.
Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Greater Noida, Mumbai and Bengaluru
Yes, you can. However, to get the best out of this Program, it is critical for you to be present physically at the centre often enough to actively participate in business discussions, temperature checks, events and activities that are critical to your business success. We would, therefore, counsel you to consider moving your business office to the location of our physical centre. The assessment team will contact you to check your suitability for the Program.
The Program agreement includes confidentiality and indemnity clauses.
Sure, you can apply with multiple ideas by filling in a separate application for each idea.
Yes, we might work with two entrepreneurs with same idea but we maintain confidentiality and non-disclosure of information for all our start-ups. However, it is unlikely that we will have entrepreneurs with identical ideas working at the same centre. The objective within a centre is to encourage diversity in solutions, industry, experience and skills to ensure a better environment for growth.
Yes, we respect your effort of going through the application process and will keep you updated about the status of your application.
We generally prefer working with companies from the idea to early revenue stage. You are however; welcome to apply at any stage where you feel we can add value to your business.
Yes, you certainly can. Having raised some initial capital is proof that your idea has been accepted and considered viable by some members of the community. It helps present a better picture. However, the key in your engagement with the Espark-Viridian program is the enablement, empowerment, training and skills that you will internalize towards a creating a larger business. Please note that we are not a Venture Capital firm (although we work very closely with our Private Equity partners). You will need to keep that in perspective when you apply.