How to Implement an Effective Customer Service Strategy

Startups have limited time to get established. If customers take the time to buy or even test a product, their customer experience must be flawless and customer service is the key to success right from the start. Being able to put yourself in the emotional world of the customer will help you differentiate your product/service from the established competitors and other well known brands.

Customers Cannot Wait
Why make someone wait if they could turn out to be the lifeblood of your company in the future? So be fast, really fast. A lot of companies today are too slow to react and respond. One should avoid this lag  and show the customers how much you value them. In return, they will surely speak positively about the promptness and seamlessness of your  customer service.

The First Impression
No matter when, why or how, the goal is always to provide fair and friendly customer service. Even in cases where a customer really can’t be satisfied, there are always ways to make up for such situations. A bad first experience can have a ripple effect and can in turn spoil an established reputation. Listen attentively and learn about your product or service directly from your customers in order to optimize further development.

Always Be There for Your Customers
The customer service options should always be as simple, accessible and diverse as possible. These days the social networks, telephone and e-mail are the most important tools for customer service. The user experience should be clearly structured and streamlined. As value addition, you can think of a special service that everyone will appreciate.

In all situations, be honest and transparent. If there are any faults in the product or service, communicate them. Don’t wait for your customers to discover them. Offer alternatives, an explanation or an apology, for example, in the form of a small voucher. Make your customer aware of your goal of striving to achieve perfection.

Human Touch
Your team represents your company- they are the face of  your company. As the direct link to your customers, it all comes down to your team. Inspire your employees with your confidence in the product/service as well as their enthusiasm. Praise and create incentives for proactive cooperation and the active solving of customer problems. Train them to show empathy towards the customers.

Create a personal connection with your customers and focus on personality and the power of humour. Always remember to showcase the right value proposition to your customers. By going an extra mile when it comes to customer service, that will ensure that your customers will remember you for a long time to come – thereby creating the best basis for long-term success.

Excellent Customer service is and will always remain the best advertising strategy for your startup.

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