Case Studies

A glance at some of the graduated startups and their journey so far!
Joined: February 2016
Location: Gandhinagar
Idea: This young team came in with an idea of making multiple robotic and educational toys for kids, where the hardware is backed by software integration and kids can learn to drag and play with the robot using a mobile or a computer.
Challenges faced: They moved from an external company-dependent model, to preparing a robust business model that made them narrow down on priorities, set-up long and short term goals and prepared their pitch deck to reach out to investors.
Journey with us: This company underwent a paradigm shift in their business model during their journey at Espark-Viridian. Over this period of time, the young and creative team, has evolved into thorough entrepreneurs.
Joined: January 2016
Location: Gandhinagar
Idea: To work in the real estate broker space.
Key Focus: Being in B2B space, they have focused on meeting customers, taking feedback and improvising the business model.
Journey with us: Through continuous brainstorming with Espark-Viridian team, they successfully built a business model and quickly launched the product to test the market. After the launch, they acquired more than 100 users in 3 months. They have been actively selling their services and acquiring new paying customers.
Joined: 11th January, 2016
Location: New Delhi
Idea: In education domain, This team aimed to simplify Nursery school admission process.
Challenges faced: The team had a technical background and a basic product Idea. They lacked clarity on how to shape their idea into a business.
Journey with us: They were able to improvise the App and also set-up a strong sales team. The program helped them to finalise their Business Plan and enrol more schools to their platform. With a powerful pitch and business plan in place, they have graduated from the program and are in touch with investors for raising capital.

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