Strategies for building customer trust

By Komal Shah, Espark Viridian, India

A Startup’s key differentiator could be the relationship they build with their customers and while doing so, ‘trust’ among the customer and startup would be one of the key parameters that would drive the relationship stronger. This trust will help the startup get real feedback, spread positive word of mouth, and help them collaborate effectively. Here’s a list of three simple things a startup can do to effectively build and maintain trust with clients through the relationship, thereby building a long term relation.

Showcase your strengths by sharing testimonials.
One of the cornerstones of success for the startup are the case studies it has developed in the past with real customers and solving a real problem. Sharing these case studies with new clients helps them develop trust and assures them of the work the startup can do for them. It’s also very important for the client to know how it is to work with you, If you meet turnaround times, are a good communicator, etc.

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Bring some delight factors for your clients.
You would like your clients to refer you to their friends and colleagues for which they should not only be satisfied but delighted by your services. Writing a blog for the client or visiting the client’s store and giving him real-time observational feedback are few things that startups can do to add value to their association and thereby develop trust among their customers.

Wear your customer’s hat.
It’s always important to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand his perspective on a matter under discussion. Being empathetic to customers, understanding their pain points and doing your bit to ease it for them helps develop this relationship stronger.

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