The 7th National Book Fair, Ahmedabad

The 7th National Book Fair, Ahmedabad – through the eyes of Matrubharti

Matrubharti, a self-publishing platform for regional language content and stories, recently took part in the National book fair held at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Read about their experience in the words of Mr Mahendra Singh, Cofounder, Matrubharti:

May 1st – 7th, 2016 marked the 7th edition of the annual book fair at Ahmedabad. This was our 3rd participation in this event. A book fair is typically the oldest social network in existence for the literature loving community and as a Startup that encourages writers; it was natural for us to make our presence felt at an event like this.

A writing community bustling with energy, the book fair had visitors in overwhelming numbers. This was a great way for us to interact with not only our loyal contributors but with authors who had yet not heard about our platform.

With a dedicated space, the main aim of the Matrubharti team was to meet the contributors to our platform as well as interact with the community. Our dedicated team of 7 managed to interact with over a 100 authors that use platform; to make themselves heard.

It was a proud moment for us as we had invited our top 10 authors to share their experience of using the Matrubharti platform with the community. A much needed confidence booster we felt amazing and realised that we are contributing in preserving indigenous and regional content.

We at Matrubharti look forward to participating and attending many more such events.


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