What a good one page executive summary looks like

Puja Parekh, is an Enabler at Espark-Viridian, India

Have you ever been asked to send through a single page business plan or executive summary and not known where to begin? One pagers work well for start-up/scale up businesses looking for investment or for making an introduction via e-mail so your business is accurately represented.

Get it right and you’re more likely to get that face-to-face meeting you want, to drive your business forward. The businesses I have worked with have found creating a one pager to be incredibly valuable, it is good practice for thinking lean & highlights the most valuable points about your business. Some entrepreneurs even go back to revisit and perfect their pitch.


10 Key components of a one pager:

1.Business summary & vision – in a few sentences what is your business goal.
2.Customer problem & your solution– outline concisely the problem your product/solution solves.
3.Competitive advantage – what makes you different, what will make you stand-out from the competition.
4.Target market – who are your customers and what is the market size-outline the opportunity.
5.Business model – clearly state how you make money.
6.Management team – key experience & role responsibility, what makes you credible, backable, investable.
7.Traction – what have you delivered so far and what are your next key milestones.
8.Financial summary table – what is your turnover & profit forecasts for years 1-5.
9.Funding required – how much, what for, show the ROI & exit strategy.
10.Contact details – make it easy for someone to contact you now they are interested in your business.

Top Tips:

Use the space wisely, it’s a lot of information to fit on one page, does it flow, is it easy to read? How can you use visuals to display and communicate your business best?
Test it with a stranger, take it to a networking event or a friend of a friend – do they understand exactly what you do, why you are doing it and what the big opportunity is? Would they invest their money or why not?
Stand out, investors will receive business executive summary’s, with most templates online appearing dull and lack character, to stand out, include your business branding.
Tailor it to your audience, on a personal level, use relatable language so they are more likely to buy into the business and you as a leader.

Remember it is an introductory document– so don’t worry if you don’t cover everything, capture the key information about you, your team and your business, leaving the reader wanting to know more and making sure you get that all important next meeting where you can share more detailed information about your vision.

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